Stony Plain
Central School (K–9)

Blogs & Social Media

Parkland School Division believes that in order to open the world up to our students, we must share our story while giving our students the opportunity to do the same in a safe and powerful way.  Through our blogging initiative, we are modelling the learning that can happen for our students.  Many students are now sharing their learning with an authentic audience. 

You can read their stories, as well as those of our staff, parents, and community members, at our Parkland Blogs website.

Highlighted below are some of the blogs that we are using to share our learning with our community, both locally and globally.  We encourage you to get in on the conversation!

184 Days of Learning

The innovative 184 Days of Learning blog shares voices from across our division and celebrates learning both in the classroom and beyond.  The blog features submissions from our students, parents, and staff members as they answer the question "What did you learn today?"  

Read the 184 Days of Learning Blog