Stony Plain
Central School (K–9)

Permission Forms

Registration Forms

School registration information is located on our division website. Feel free to contact us directly if you have specific questions.

Leaving School Grounds At Lunch

According to provincial and PSD policies, all students are expected to remain on Stony Plain Central School grounds during school hours.

Recognized exceptions to this rule are as follows:

  1. Class field trips
  2. Organized class activities
  3. Students going to their own home, or to local establishments (Grade 7-9 only) for lunch.

In cases (a) and (b) a separate permission form is sent to parents to sign for each particular time and date. 

For (c), if you would like to allow your child to come home or to visit local establishments for lunch, please complete and return this permission form.

Request to Administer Medication

School staff cannot administer any medication to any student except in compliance with Parkland School Division No. 70 Administrative Procedure 318: Administering Medications/Personal Care to Students.

Before Prescription Medication is Administered

The Request to Administer Medication form must be completed by the parent or guardian, the prescribing physician, and school administration. The school reserves the right to refuse to administer medication. These forms are available from the school office. The medication must come to school with a parent in a container labelled by the pharmacy and is to be stored in a locked cupboard in the school office.

Request for Assistance to Administer Medication Form 

See Also: Parkland School Division Administrative Procedures: 315 through 319

Note: Non-prescription drugs are not to be brought to school.

For more information contact:
Stony Plain Central School
Phone: 780-963-2203