Stony Plain
Central School (K–9)


Stony Plain Central School has a wide variety of options courses. Whether you're into acting, coding or cooking, there's something for you!

Note: Some options have a fee associated with them; please refer to this year's selections below for costs.

2018-2019 Options Courses

Performing Arts (Ma)

Please note: This is a two-term course.

Students in Performing Arts will be putting on a musical production, Aladdin Jr, at Horizon Stage in March 2019. Last year’s production was enjoyed by over 1800 audience members!

In this production, students will create wacky characters, dazzling costuming, choreography, singing and special effects. Students will experience wild drama games, fierce collaboration and special field trips, and create lasting memories.

There is something for everyone in this option, including backstage management, theatre lighting and design, prop building and much more! Whether you want to be on stage or behind stage, we want YOU to join our family!  

Course Fee: $100 for both terms (covering field trips and production supplies, including scripts, costumes, etc.)

One Acts (Ma)

In this option, students will be learning the elements of creating a one-act play. By acting, designing and directing, students will get it all! Our school will be competing in the Zone II West Drama Festival with sixty schools around the province. We will also be hosting our very own Night of Theatre in June

Course Fee: Qualifying students in One-Acts will have additional fees for competition.

Speak-ology (Laevens)

Have you ever watched a TED talk and thought, "I could do that!", or even, "I wish I could do that!"? Well, you can!

Speak-ology will give you the opportunity to develop public speaking skills in a creative environment. Students will write, practice and present on topics of their choice. They will also produce a video of their speech and will have the opportunity to present Spoken Word Poetry at a local venue for the public.

Art 8/9 (Tarapaski)

Building upon the skills they learned in previous years, students will further develop an appreciation of art. Students will work with a variety of materials and artistic concepts to challenge their creativity and design skills, including tempera, watercolor and acrylic paint, chalk and oil pastel, collage, sculpture and carving. With a continued emphasis on exploration, students can work on building pieces that may be added to a high school project portfolio.

Course Fee: $30 for supplies

Board Game Extravaganza (Wangler)

What’s your winning strategy? This class will explore the history of games, types of games and the educational connection of board games. Students will have the opportunity to build their own board game using their understanding of rules and game play mechanics found in their exploration of the games we will play, and improve their social interaction, communication and collaboration skills by playing a wide variety of card and board games. Students will also work with a number of different mediums, and will have the opportunity to create an assortment of projects focusing on comics, artwork and board games.

Course Fee: $10

Music in the Arts (Ma)

In this option, we will be exploring some popular musical instruments, using Garageband and editing music. This option is for students who are interested in learning about the importance of music in our culture, reading music and performing music.    

Ebert and Roper (Laevens)

Move over Ebert & Roper - SPC film reviewers are taking over! In the challenge, students will explore the elements of effective filmmaking and gain an understanding of editorial writing techniques through viewing a variety of films and writing movie reviews.

Titles selected will cover a variety of genres and periods, and students will have the freedom to express their inner voice and preferences. Students will also uncover what makes a film and review “good.”

Spanish (Enero)

Come explore the Spanish language and Mexican Culture. Learn some Spanish basics while learning about Mexican food, dancing, music, traditions and holidays. Look forward to a fiesta at the end of term to show off your new speaking and dancing skills. You might even get a chance to taste some of that delicious Mexican food.

Science Olympics (Winchester)

Do you have a love for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)? If you do, and would like to put your skills to the test, then this option is for you.

In this course, groups of students will compete against each other as they are faced with STEM challenges that will test their creativity, knowledge, resourcefulness, cooperation and leadership skills.

Course Fee: $10

Scrap-Happy Resumes (Long)

A scrapbook is one of the most creative ways of telling your story. There are scrapbooks made for all occasions, so why not create one that highlights who you are as an individual? Your goals, your dreams, your strengths and your accomplishments can be creatively displayed and built upon to serve as inspiration, as your scrapbook tells the story of who you were, who you are and who you are going to be.

In this option, junior high students will have the opportunity to create a personal portfolio that documents their skills and accomplishments, as well as diarizing the memories that define them as individuals. Students will have access to a variety of scrapbooking tools and learn several techniques to embellish and build upon their album. The final product will reflect the amount of information each student would like to add as they develop an appreciation for the scrapbook format as a way to preserve and share their accomplishments and most cherished memories. 

Course Fee: $40

Classroom Assistant (Neuman)

Teachers in the school need your help! Do you enjoy volunteering around the school and working with younger children? If you accept this challenge, you will experience the joy of helping others and be given the opportunity to share your talents and passions, while becoming a role model for younger students.

Create a Repurpose! (Long)

Are you interested in salvaging old items and making them new? Do you enjoy thrift stores and garage sales, and see the potential in items that others see as broken down junk? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, this class is for you!

A lot of things can be repurposed with imagination, a little bit of work and very little material. This class is perfect for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. All students will learn about basic techniques for upcycling as a way to create something useful and limit our environmental impact.

Students will choose from a variety of ideas to create projects that they will love. In addition to consumable material required for daily projects (such as paint, fabric, building materials, etc.), students will be asked to bring an item from home that is destined for the landfill, so they can transform it and give it new life.

Course Fee: $40

Sports Leadership (Wangler)

Students will plan, organize and implement a variety of school athletic programs (e.g. cross country, volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field, etc.). They will learn the basics of budgeting, booking tournaments, officiating, coaching and organizing, while working on basic skills, coaching strategies and best practices associated with these sports.

Learn to Sew (Dowdell)

Do you want to learn how to sew? From tote bags and pillows to shorts and pants, you can learn to create your own decor and fashion!

In this course, students will learn the basics of using and maintaining a sewing machine and related tools. We’ll create projects that are chosen by the students. In Term 2 we’ll even help out with costuming this years’ Drama production!

Fees will cover some supplies and ever-greening of equipment and supplies. Students will provide their own materials for their chosen projects, however, arrangements can be made with the school if students need some help getting materials. Students may enroll in this course for more than one term, as projects will be assigned in accordance with their current skill level. 

Course Fee: $20

EverActive (Holst)

This option is designed to promote personal growth and awareness of the knowledge and skills related to physical literacy. Students will increase their understanding of the importance of adopting a physically active lifestyle through participation in a variety of recreational games, and work toward improving the level of physical literacy in our school community through volunteer service opportunities.

There will be a field trip on the last day, as well as a possible field trip to health conference (which would require an additional fee). 

Course Fee: $10

Life on the Diamond (Laevens & O'Hara)

Do you have an interest in baseball and softball? Are you a beginner who wants to learn how to play the game? Are you an experienced ball player who wants to practice your skills and learn more about the components of the game off the field?  

In this option, students will learn about the many components of the game of baseball both on and off the field. They will also explore some of the career paths available that are related to the game. Students will learn the rules of the game and how to keep score, as well as practice skills such as throwing, fielding and hitting. We will put our skills to work on the diamond by forming teams and playing several games of softball.

If students are able to bring their own gloves they are encouraged to do so, but it is not mandatory.

SPC Culinary Arts (Rankin)

Do you LOVE to be in the kitchen? Then this is the place for you! You will learn how to prepare quick and easy snacks safely, baking treats and simple meals that you will be able to recreate at home.

Fees for this class will go towards cost of food, ever-greening of equipment and supplies.

Course Fee: $30

Let’s Code (O'Hara)

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when creating a video game, app or website? In this course, students will practice skills such as problem-solving, design thinking, sequential thinking, testing and experimentation.  

We will be using resources such as and, which are websites designed to teach students the basics of programming and coding. We will also be spending some time in our TinkerLab putting our coding skills to use. 

Students do not need any previous experience and technology will be provided for them if they do not have their own device.  

Structure Engineering Challenge (Wangler)

Do you enjoy building with your hands? This course will present several types of building challenges and projects with a variety of materials.

Students will also explore career paths and education opportunities related to the fields of science and engineering. Perseverance and teamwork skills are a must!

Course Fee: $10 for supplies

Robotics (O'Hara)

Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Are you ready for a challenge?  

Using a Lego Mindstorms robotics kit and software program, students will learn the basics of how to build and program. They will also explore career paths and post-secondary education opportunities related to the field of robotics and design.

Once students have completed a basic robot, they will be presented with a challenge where their own unique design must meet specific criteria. Perseverance and teamwork skills are a must!