Stony Plain
Central School (K–9)

Lunch Program

Students Leaving School Grounds at Lunch

All students, according to Provincial and PSD policies, are expected to remain on SPC school grounds from at least 8:30am until 3:05pm. However, an exception can be made for town students going home for lunch (but not to other student’s houses for lunch) with their parent's/guardian's permission. 

Only local walking-distance students are allowed to leave school grounds during the noon hour to go directly home for lunch. If you would like to allow your child to come home for lunch, please complete this form and return it to your child's home room teacher. 

Note: Bus students are not allowed off school grounds at noon unless a parent/guardian picks the student up.

Hot Lunch

Our Hot Lunch program is run by parent volunteers. It offers students low cost meals twice per week on Mondays and Thursdays, and runs October-May. 

We have a preordering system in place but also have lunches available on a first come first serve basis during the year.

For more information contact:
Stony Plain Central School
Phone: 780-963-2203