Stony Plain
Central School (K–9)

Our School

At Stony Plain Central School, our purpose is to work collaboratively with our school community to create a positive, respectful learning environment that fosters trusting relationships, pride in accomplishments and life-long learning.

In order to participate successfully in an ever-changing world, Stony Plain Central School provides developmentally-appropriate learning experiences that teach students to:

  • Solve problems, think critically and be able to access and process information effectively
  • Make responsible choices
  • Be courteous, productive citizens
  • Be lifelong learners  

Imagining, Achieving, Growing, Celebrating

Learning begins with imagination. It is the process of imagining that helps to bring meaning to our experiences and understanding to our knowledge. By imagining, our students make sense of their world and dream of a future. At Stony Plain Central, imagination is the raw material of learning.

Learning is strengthened by achievement. Our students set goals and create permanence through practice. Each new step becomes a new achievement on the journey of imagination. Learning, made real by doing, creates new avenues and opportunities for future growth.

Learning is growing. At Stony Plain Central, our belief in imagination and achievement means that students are encouraged to see learning as a lifelong process. As our students continue to learn, their growth becomes a movement toward excellence. We foster growth by making sure that we are always doing what is right and by caring about each other.

Celebrating energizes learning. Our students’ sense of imagination, achievement and growth are reinforced through public celebrations of our success. At Stony Plain Central, we enjoy recognizing what we have done well and this recognition motivates future learning and the embrace of new challenges.

Unique Features of Our School 

  • Balanced Literacy for Grades K-9
  • Extracurricular sports program for Grades 4-9 (volleyball, basketball, badminton, track and field)
  • Spring basketball league for Grades 4-6
  • Nutritious hot lunch program
  • Exemplary performing arts program at the Grade 7-9 level
  • A wide variety of middle years complementary courses for Grades 7-9
  • Assistive technologies and Smart Technologies: (SmartBoards, Elmos, laptop carts)

How We Define Success For Our Students

  • Students demonstrate academic growth
  • Students are actively and positively engaged in their learning
  • Students model social responsibility and citizenship
  • Students actively contribute to school and community

What We Are Most Proud of at Our School

  • Our positive, safe and caring learning environment
  • Our students and their accomplishments
  • Our relationships with students, parents, staff and school community

What Makes Our School "Good" and How We Know

  • Our students experience success and demonstrate academic and personal growth.
  • Parents, students and staff express satisfaction with the overall quality of the school and indicate that Stony Plain Central School is a good place to educate children.
  • Students, staff and parents work collaboratively to continually improve our positive, safe and caring environment.
  • Extracurricular programs focus on maximum student participation.
  • Community members make positive contributions and are involved in Stony Plain Central School.

For more information contact:
Stony Plain Central School
Phone: 780-963-2203